Launched in 2014, the highly successful University Residency Project is a grant program that provides financial assistance to qualifying academic institutions interested in presenting Defiant Requiem: Verdi at Terezín using student musicians.

Grants offered through the program help cover the direct costs of a performance, such as engaging soloists, hiring supplemental musicians, covering venue fees, and renting audio-visual equipment. The Foundation also waives licensing fees for participating colleges and universities, and provides staffing and support gratis. Along with the performance of Defiant Requiem, grant recipients are encouraged to program community-engaging ancillary events such as film screenings, chamber music recitals, and panel discussions.

A Grant the Benefits the Community:

  • Engage your performers and the community-at-large by encouraging cross-departmental collaboration with a series of events surrounding the performance.
  • Bring faculty members and advanced voice students together as soloists, and present actors from the university community in the performance.
  • Screen the Foundation’s Emmy-nominated documentary film Defiant Requiem, with an accompanying discussion.
  • Host a panel discussion on the Terezín Paradigm – responding to the worst of with the best of mankind – with faculty members from across the university.
  • Perform a concert of chamber music by composers imprisoned at Terezín, presented by faculty members and student performances, with an introduction and commentary by the musicology faculty.

To be considered for a grant of up to $25,000, please contact:
Karen Uslin, Director of Research, The Defiant Requiem Foundation | (267) 566-9178