Below are tributes in honor of or in memory of from donors to The Defiant Requiem Foundation.

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This donation is given in honor of Murry Sidlin, for his dedication and service to the Terrazin victims & survivors. My singing of the Defiant Requiem in Asheville with Mr. Sidlin was the most powerful and glorious musical experience I have ever had, and I have had many. Thank you, Maestro!

—  Karen Ward, August 17, 2021

In Honor of Evelyn Sandground and Marion Lewin, and the important work they do for the Defiant Requiem Foundation

—  Howard Menaker, August 17, 2021

In honored memory of Fran Eizenstat, whose work on behalf of humanity and the Jewish people remain as an inspiration to us, all.

—  Jim Ostroff, August 17, 2021

Your spirit still watches over me as your arms protected me in the years of darkness and horror.

—  Stefan Hess, August 17, 2021

Memory of my parents, both holocaust survivors,Joseph and guta Wolke

—  cyna cohen, August 17, 2021

To all who have made the Defiant Requiem a symbol of the suffering, the overcoming , and the triumph of the spirit and who represent the best that humanity has to offer. These efforts will stand the test of history as one of mankind's highest accomplishments.

—  RAMON FRANCO, August 17, 2021

Thank you for telling and retelling this deeply moving and important story! It has forever changed my experience of listening to -- and performing -- this work.

—  Margaret Gonglewski, August 17, 2021

I am fortunate and blessed to count Stu Eizenstat as a friend.

— Anonymous Donor, August 17, 2021

In gratitude to Stuart Eizenstat for his unstinting service to our country, dedication to the preservation of democracy, and to the Jewish people.

—  Jim Ostroff, August 17, 2021

Murry - Thank you for sharing the story of Theresienstadt and Rafael Schächter. Your work in an inspiration for all of us involved in Holocaust education.

—  Amy McLaughlin-Hatch, August 17, 2021

The lesson of the Defiant Requiem is that despite unimaginable cruelty the spirit of the Jewish people will prevail.

—  Lanny Breuer, August 17, 2021

A special candle burned out when you died daddy. May you be reunited with mommy and everyone else in your family. Miss you dearly.

—  Dot & Frank Cheriff, August 17, 2021

Dear Murry,

It is with great appreciation and pride in your accomplishments with the Defiant Requiem Foundation that I am pleased to make this donation in your honor.

Penny Ulman Schwarz

—  Penny Schwarz, August 17, 2021

Dear Stu and Marion, In appreciation of our friendship and your hospitality. Love, Harriet and Clem

—  Harriet Shugerman, August 17, 2021

It has been a joy and pleasure to know Fred over the years. His journey thru mayhem is an unbelievable saga, his humanity and noble caring that emerged nonetheless is a model for all

—  Gail & Quentin Fisher, August 17, 2021

In honor of my grandparents - Terezin survivors.

—  Lynn D Salvage, August 17, 2021

Throughout his distinguished career as one of America's preeminent oboists, Robert Bloom (1908-1994) carried on, albeit in the secular world, the musical tradition and sacred purpose of his father, Cantor Julius Bloom who with his wife Ida Fischer escaped the pogroms of Kiev in the late nineteenth century.

From 1938-1944 Robert was the principal oboist of the NBC Symphony Orchestra during which time he had the privilege of performing and recording Verdi's Requiem on several occasions under the baton of Arturo Toscanini. When he was interviewed by Walfredo Toscanini in 1968, Robert told of the Maestro's dissatisfaction with the bass drum that NBC provided. Robert went on to describe a drum that was finally built for a performance at Carnegie Hall that "was almost like the hide of an elephant strung over a large frame. Maestro could never get enough sound out of it. He really wanted the wrath of God" for the Dies irae.

I'm sad that I don't know whether Robert was aware of Rafael Schächter performances at the camp in Terezín concurrent with these performances in NYC. And I'm very sad that Robert did not live long enough to hear his young friend and colleague, Murry Sidlin, create the Defiant Requiem. Maestro Sidlin is a giant of our generation--of several generations--to have created this monument, a contribution to humanity that is beyond measure.

—  Sara Bloom, April 23, 2021

The film was great. We felt Fran's presence. She would have been proud.

—  Alan Doernberg, October 15, 2020

In memory of the "miracle child" who was among the one-half of one percent of Jewish children in Poland who survived the Nazis.

—  Noel Epstein, September 22, 2020

In memory of my dear friend, Debra, who sang the Verdi Requiem with the Durango (Colorado) Choral Society and loved it's message - Libera Me....

—  Katherine Reynolds, September 22, 2020

In Honor of Stu’s lifelong commitment to good works and worthy causes

—  Steven Hess, September 22, 2020

This gift is in gratitude for having been able to sing The Defiant Requiem in Asheville, NC. -the most moving and glorious experience of my life. Thank You!

—  Karen Ward, September 22, 2020

This donation is made in honor of CSP Patron and board member, Rosella Bernstein.

—  Arie Katz, September 22, 2020

In loving memory of my husband.

—  Marilyn Pipkin, September 22, 2020

Susan, a holocaust survivor and Charlotte, NC, resident, who helped to further the education of the holocaust to countless number of students and citizens.

—  Cricket Weston, December 19, 2019

to RebDavid for teaching us during monthly Torah study sessions and for his dedication to standing up against injustice and intolerance

—  Robert & Rayah Blumenthal, December 19, 2019

Dearest Stu and Patti, You are both the most amazing gifts in my life. You inspire me every day by your example of humanity and loving acts of kindness. Thank you and to the Defiant Requiem Foundation. Love Mona

—  Mona Golabek, December 08, 2019

I was so privileged to meet Mr. Krasa at our recent performances of the Defiant Requiem as a member of Pacific Chorale. This was an extraordinary event which impacted me deeply. Although I'm well aware of the Holocaust, I'm concerned that the youth of today do not fully understand its importance and significance to current day issues. I am grateful to all who are still willing to share their stories to these young people in hopes that they will find value in peace over violence and prejudice. Thanks so much for this experience.

—  Barbara Kingsbury, December 08, 2019

In memory of Fran Eizenstat's seminal contributions to the development of The Defiant Requiem Foundation as a vehicle to promote awareness of the history of the Holocaust and to support the resilience of the Jewish community and the broader community of man.

—  Louise Wiener, December 08, 2019

A remarkable woman, a loving friend

—  Marsha Londe, December 08, 2019

In blessed memory of Edgar Krasa from Beth El Temple Center's 8th and 9th Grade Classes.

—  Joan Perlman, December 08, 2019

Dear Murry,

We are so looking forward to having you in Santa Fe in June 2019 and learn about the music written by Terezin composers.

Wishing you, your family and colleagues a very Happy New Year!

—  Yoko Arthur, December 08, 2019

Please continue your very important message

—  Paul Klumpes, December 08, 2019

In honor and blessed memory of Fran Eizenstat, whose tireless work on humanity's behalf helped to change the world, for the better.

—  Jim Ostroff, December 08, 2019

In honor of Stuart Eizenstat, with gratitude for his decades of selfless work on behalf of the American people -- always upholding the highest ethical standards; acting with integrity in government and private practice.

—  Jim Ostroff, December 08, 2019

In honored memory of Fran Eizenstat, whose selfless work on humanity's behalf is an enduring inspiration.

—  JIm Ostroff, December 08, 2019

For the important work you do!

— Ms. Cookie Segelstein, December 20, 2018

This donation is in honor of Fred Terna's 95th Birthday! My wife, Sara Porath, and I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Fred and his wife Rebecca for many years, and we know him as a powerful and inventive artist, a compelling witness to the Holocaust, and a dear and delightful friend.

— Mr. Jonathan Katz, December 20, 2018

In honor of your heritage.

— Ms. Katherine Reynolds, December 20, 2018

May their memory be a blessing.

— Ms. Rita Sherman, December 20, 2018

A life well lived despite the tremendous adversity early on. Congrats Fred!

— Mr. Jaana and Andrew Blane, December 20, 2018

Dearest are one of our greatest humanitarians. It is an honor to support Defiant Requiem Foundation.

— Ms. Mona Golabek, December 20, 2018

In memory of those that are gone...but never forgotten.

— Ms. Tina Small, December 20, 2018

In honor of Fred Terna's birthday. Wishing you all the best and a wonderful year ahead. Much peace, love and happiness to you and your family.

— Mrs. Jobana Soto, September 24, 2018

Dear Doris, You have always been an inspiration to all of us; how to live, love, and remember. Happy Birthday. Love, Barbara and Steven

— Mrs. Barbara Hirsch, April 18, 2018

In memory of Martha and Wladimir Selinsky whose perseverance and love profoundly affected those around them, and they were one of a kind grandparents!

—  Peter J. Goodman, April 04, 2018

In memory of Hana and Edgar Krasa – their love, courage and beautiful family continue to inspire all of us at the Defiant Requiem Foundation. Their personal story of survival in Terezin, and Edgar’s friendship with Rafael Schächter will never be forgotten or diminished.

— Anonymous Donor, April 04, 2018