How long is the film?
Defiant Requiem is a feature-length film with a run-time of approximately 86-minutes.

Can I see Defiant Requiem on television?
Defiant Requiem was broadcast nationwide on PBS in the spring of 2013, on BBC4 in the United Kingdom in early 2014, and on France Télévisions in May 2015. It was also available on Netflix until November 2015. The Foundation and its international distributor are continuously working to bring Defiant Requiem to the broadest possible audience in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, it is not available for viewing on television in the U.S.

How do I arrange a screening of Defiant Requiem?
Organizations hosting an advertised or publicized film screening of Defiant Requiem must coordinate the screening by agreement with The Defiant Requiem Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC, for a nominal screening fee. For more information, or to schedule a screening, please email Sean Kehoe at skehoe@defiantrequiem.org.

Are a minimum number of attendees required for a screening?
No. Screenings of any size are welcomed.

What formats is the film available in?
Defiant Requiem is available for screenings as a DCP and on Blu-ray and DVD.

What kind of support is provided by the Foundation for a screening?
The Foundation provides the film in one of the formats listed above, synopses of varying lengths, production and film stills, artwork, the film poster, other approved marketing/PR copy, and access to our publicity agent. Foundation President & Founder and film Creative Producer/Music Director, Murry Sidlin, may also be available to attend a screening to provide background information on the film, to lead discussions, and for question-and-answer sessions.

How can I purchase a copy of Defiant Requiem?
Defiant Requiem may be purchased on DVD for personal use from Amazon.com. For those interested in sharing a password-protected streamable link to their organization, school, or community via Vimeo, please contact Sean Kehoe at skehoe@defiantrequiem.org.