2017 Institute

The Defiant Requiem Foundation is pleased to announce
The 2017 Rafael Schächter Institute for Arts and Humanities

The Ten Stars Synagogue Tour
A Revitalization of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic

May 13-22, 2017

Mikulov synagogue (Mikulov, Czech Republic)

The highlight of The 2017 Rafael Schächter Institute for Arts and Humanities will be a unique tour focused on visits to nine synagogues and other nearby buildings beautifully restored as part of the 10 Stars revitalization project. Prague will serve as our home base most nights, with day-trips to these important synagogues and their surrounding communities. Of course, there will also be a day devoted to touring the old Jewish Quarter of Prague and other important sites including Prague Castle. The tour will conclude with a private, guided tour of Terezín on Saturday, and the annual Terezín Commemoration Ceremony followed by a performance of Maestro Murry Sidlin’s newest concert-drama, Hours of Freedom: The Story of the Terezín Composer on Sunday. Accompanying the tour will be staff members from The Defiant Requiem Foundation; Board Member and Secretary General of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, Tomáš Kraus; other experts; and translators, as needed.

Music will be a part of each synagogue stop along with a talk on the Jewish history and culture of the surrounding towns. All tour logistics will be coordinated by the Foundation including lodging in the Czech Republic, transportation to the synagogues, several meals and the private tours in Prague and Terezín. Detailed information about the tour is available here. Travelers will be responsible for their own airfare, flight arrangements, and airport transfers. Space is limited to approximately 30 travelers. To register, please email Louisa Hollman, Executive Director, at lhollman@defiantrequiem.org or call The Defiant Requiem Foundation office in Washington, DC at 202-244-0220.

Tour Itinerary as of April 24 (subject to change)

Saturday, May 13
Depart the U.S.

Sunday, May 14
Arrive in Prague, Czech Republic
Evening Welcome Reception

Monday, May 15
Tour of Prague Castle Complex
Tour of Jewish Quarter

Tuesday, May 16
Defiant Requiem Film Screening in Prague
Tour of Jičín Synagogue, Jewish Ghetto and Renaissance Town Square
Tour of Brandýs Synagogue (and Cemetery if time permits)

Wednesday, May 17
Tour of Březnice Synagogue
Tour and Lunch at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery
Tour of Pilsen Great Synagogue
Tour of Pilsen Old Synagogue
Veretski Pass Concert in Old Synagogue

Thursday, May 18
Tour of Nová Cerekev Synagogue
Tour of Polná Synagogue
Tour of Boskovice Synagogue
Group Dinner in Brno (overnight in Brno)

Friday, May 19
Visit to Brno Conservatory
Tour of Brno
Tour of Mikulov Synagogue

Saturday, May 20
Tour of Terezín Small Fortress and Ghetto
Tour of Uštĕk Synagogue

Sunday, May 21
Terezín Commemoration Ceremony
Hours of Freedom Concert Performance
Farewell Dinner Cruise on the Vltava River

Monday, May 22
Return to the U.S.

Several mornings will commence with a breakfast meeting.  A screening of the documentary film Defiant Requiem will also be included in the final schedule with a review of the film’s curriculum guide.  Fellows will also have the opportunity to present their own Holocaust-related work and discuss best practices for Holocaust education.